Join Tezlom's Franchise Network

On your journey as a Tezlom franchisee, your primary role will be to meticulously select and interview candidates, ensuring they align perfectly with your clients’ specific needs. You will be tasked with conducting thorough employment checks, including right to work verifications, DBS applications, and gathering references. Your ability to forge and nurture relationships will be crucial, as it ensures the placement of appropriately skilled staff with every client.

You’ll not only learn how to efficiently operate our franchise system but also acquire a broad range of valuable skills along the way. With Tezlom’s extensive expertise and experience, we provide indispensable support as you recruit and build your team. As your business expands, so will your role, eventually enabling you to establish a senior management team that can oversee day-to-day operations. This evolution allows you to concentrate on leading your business forward.

Investing in a Tezlom franchise means more than just acquiring a job—it’s an opportunity to cultivate your own client base and foster lasting loyalty. We encourage you to connect with our existing franchisees to discover their experiences and insights before joining the Tezlom Franchise network. This is not just a business opportunity; it’s a chance to lead, grow, and succeed within a supportive and dynamic environment.

Kulvir Kooner

Previously: Finance analyst in a pharmaceutical company

Territory: Uxbridge, Hayes & Slough

Franchise Partner Since: June 2010

Carol Fitzpatrick

Previously: Nurse

Territory: Airdrie

Franchise Partner Since: April 2017

Jai & Usha Ramdin

Previously: Usha was previously external affairs officer for Kew Gardens and Jai is a Property Consultant and current business owner in the properties industry.

Territory: Kingston & Sutton

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021

Raghav Prasad

Previously: Previously an analyst for the NHS, Test and Trace

Territory: Reading

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021

Dr. Sarb Singh

Previously: Owned a domiciliary healthcare franchise

Territory: Hitchin

Franchise Partner Since: October 2014

Lesley Jackson

Previously: Dance Charity CEO

Territory: Doncaster

Franchise Partner Since: October 2021

Samuel Smith

Previously: Transport Manager

Territory: Kent

Franchise Partner Since: August 2021

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Previously: MD of Steel Manufacturer

Territory: Glasgow

Franchise Partner Since: April 2017 (Joined Wife Carol Dec 2021)

Kamel Ousaadi

Previously: Service Manager of a learning disabilities trust.

Territory: Islington

Franchise Partner Since: 2013

Hima Chaudhary

Previously: Nurse

Territory: Reading & Oxford

Franchise Partner Since: June 2021