The franchise fee is £28,000 (ex. VAT) with an ongoing management fee of 3.9% (ex. VAT). We anticipate the total investment required is between £50,000 – £60,000, which includes working capital to cover any inventory, rent, bills etc and pay any short-term debt as well as set up costs. For a full breakdown as to what you’ll receive in your package visit ‘why choose a Tezlom franchise’.

On average our franchisees turnover £457,073 a year and our highest achieving owners are turning over between £3,315,496 and £1,220,840 per year. 

Please note that we are unable to guarantee any level of financial achievement, as individual franchisee performance will have a significant influence on the success of the franchise.

Government Start Up Loan Scheme

The UK government’s Start Up Loan scheme offers numerous benefits for budding entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their Tezlom franchise.Here are some highlights from the scheme:

Loan Amounts: Entrepreneurs can apply for unsecured personal loans ranging from £500 to £25,000 to help start or grow their businesses.

Fixed Interest Rate: The loans come with a fixed interest rate of 6% per year.

Repayment Flexibility: The repayment term for these loans ranges from one to five years, with no application fee or penalty for early repayment.

Eligibility: To apply, you must live in the UK, be 18 or over, and have a UK-based business that’s been fully trading for less than 36 months.

Support and Mentoring: Successful applicants receive free support and guidance to help write their business plans and up to 12 months of free mentoring.

Wide Impact: The scheme has supported a diverse range of businesses across various sectors and regions of the UK, contributing to job creation and economic growth. Notably, 40% of the loans have been issued to female entrepreneurs and 20% to entrepreneurs from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Accessibility: The scheme is designed to help those who might not have access to other forms of commercial lending, thereby supporting a wider range of business ideas and innovations.

These features make the Start Up Loan scheme a valuable resource for anyone looking to make their entrepreneurial mark in the UK.

You Are Not On Your Own

For Tezlom, it was important to us to become recognised with the BFA, so that we help influence the success of our franchisees. There are three key factors that stood out to us and were essential parts of Tezlom taking the plunge to become accredited. These were:

1. Franchisable: meaning that the Tezlom healthcare recruitment business model can be replicated in other locations, with other people operating it, and still succeed. The nature of the business concept needs to be such that someone other than the franchisor can successfully develop it. For a business system or business model to be able to be franchised, first there must be something tangible and worthwhile to franchise. Otherwise, what are you, the franchisee, actually buying? This means that Tezlom have been able to demonstrate that we have been successfully operating our healthcare recruitment business ourselves in the form that we propose to franchise, and further that the business model is transferable to other places, under different ownerships.

2. Viable: implies not only that a Tezlom franchise is a replicable business, but also that both, us as the franchisor, and you as the franchisee can run it profitably. Tezlom had to show that, if operated properly, the franchise provides a satisfactory financial return to both parties. For you as a franchisee this means a reasonable return on the investment, and for the work involved and for a reasonable period, in addition to being able to pay the franchisor any fees due under the franchise agreement.

3. Education: by joining the BFA, it means that franchisees and franchisors are making the commitment to work in partnership with the BFA, to drive forward a sector that is committed to operating fair business models and promoting healthy opportunities for all. As part of Tezlom being accredited by the BFA, you as a franchisee will have access to the BFA’s free franchisee membership, which will give you access to additional resources, events and educational content. The outreach work extends to educational and government bodies with a range on initiatives. This means for you, that these courses are available to you as a franchisee which will help motivate and develop your business from an outside influence. 

Becoming Accredited

In the preparation for Tezlom becoming accredited by the BFA, part of the process is an independent survey carried out by The WorkBuzz. We were proud to receive back some incredible feedbacks from existing franchisees such as:

Franchisee engagement infographic

infographic showing 100% positive feedback on how Head office support franchisees with any issues.

Infographic on expansion commitment

100% positive feedback from franchisees on commitment to business expansion and an increase in sales.

Infographic on the development team

100% positive feedback infographic on the Tezlom franchise sales development

Don’t just take our word for it, read more about the benefits of joining a BFA accredited franchise here: